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This year’s reunion was one of the best at Swindon for a number of years. Thirty-seven members stayed at The Crown or other guest houses and hotels in the area. The Friday evening saw around eight enjoy a get together during the evening. Saturday others arrived, some who had not attended before were made very welcome. The day was busy for some of the Ladies who purchased and  arranged the fruit basket, raffle prizes and PRI items.

Old Comrades Annual Lunch and Reunion

21st May 2017

Saturday everyone enjoyed a boisterous evening meal, quite a number from A Sqn. Attending for the first time. The seating arrangement’s we made were not good, which made things rather loud, we will ensure it is better in future. A later arrival was Penny and Bob Massingham, who “dropped by as they heard it was the place to be for the weekend”. They also came for the Sunday and look forward to next year. Penny is Tom Knight’s Daughter.

Sunday was boosted by members of all Squadron’s the number being over ninety, The Crown served eighty-nine meals without a hitch, good, considering how packed the Crown was. Old comrades made Maj. Gen. John Friedberger welcome, the first reunion that John has attended, and he visibly enjoyed the day and meeting so many old comrades.

The evergreens of Tom Knight and Richard Perry are always in demand and it was good to see so many just enjoying a great day. Eva, Pauline Searby, Mary Read and Catherine Robinson, with her Daughters. Pauline Sherwin, Jean Ham, Ann Doak, Yvonne Palk, Yvonne Eady, Ann Whatley, Bonny Hauxwell, Elke Smith, Joyce Hunt and Liz Bentley were just some of the wives who had a great time. I would like to mention Di and Charlie Chafe, with their Daughter Clare, Phil Crossley and Pete Edwards who would not let anything stop them coming to Swindon. As Jeff Cook said to Peter Jagger after lunch, looking around with all the people talking and laughing “it does not get any better than this”

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